Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Takashimaya's New Japanese Food Court

Bukkake Udon

Here were a few sights from the new Japanese section of Takashimaya's basement food court. Tsuru Koshi Udon in particular resonated well with us. Unlike that Kazokutei place, the noodles here were nice and firm. The broth that they provided with hot noodles was even more impressive with a quality salt that just pulled all of the taste together. There will definitely be a repeat visit here.

Five Okawa Rice Balls

I was still a bit hungry though, so I made my way over to Yonehachi, a shop from Japan that is apparently known for its rice. I grabbed this set of sticky rice balls, with each one featuring a different flavor like seaweed or sansai. This was fine, but I really should come back here again to try a full meal rather than just this sampler box of rice.

Japanese Strawberries

And finally, here were some Japanese strawberries from Kyoho-Ya, a corner featuring a wider selectino of Japanese fruit than Isetan and Meidi-Ya usually do. As expected, these strawberries were sweet, juicy, and just to the right degree of ripeness.

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Chu Yeow said...

Finally someone blogged about Tsuru-Koshi! I wasn't sure whether it's a new place when I chanced upon it a few weeks ago.

It's really quite good, you should try the Kamatama (butter and egg) udon :)