Saturday, February 14, 2009

Japanese Sagahonoka Strawberries

Sagahonoka Strawberries and a Musk Melon

In another episode of expensive Japanese produce, here are some Sagahonoka strawberries from the Saga prefecture. These things were so fragrant that you could smell them from a distance. Unfortunately, the taste didn't do anything for me, as it was so mild that I didn't feel it was that different from a normal box of strawberries. I was hoping for something punchier.

I don't know how much these were as they were a gift, but they certainly couldn't have been cheap. And with such a premium, I would have expected them to aesthetically look a bit better, but a lot of these were pale and blemished. Well, the pale color might have been intentional - when you bit into it, the flesh inside was consistently white.

And yes, that was another Japanese melon in the background. This one was also from Shizuoka...and cultivated in a greenhouse, if I read the label correctly. I may not have gotten that excited about the mild taste of those strawberries, but the sweet juicy tenderness of the melon was just unbeatable.


Anonymous said...

As one wo has raised some in younger years do you want strwberris (Available most any time, and ready for shipment) or real strawberries, available only from june- july... in the western hemisphere at I sit here eating good black grapes from Chille ( the green ones are not wrth a damn..yet). Looking at those in the photo well... Those have been forced, and picked to early at that. And held too long in shipping. Kind of like store bought tomatoes. But someone paid the cost, to get you what they thought was was the very best. You should be proud. They did the best they could. I would rather have horse meat with a friend, than prime rib with an enemy. I reckon you have many friends.

Anonymous said...

recently, korean strawberries are the "in" thing in SGP