Sunday, March 09, 2008

Long Stemmed Strawberries from California

Long Stemmed Strawberries from California

No, this wasn't meant to be a strawberry shootout or anything. I just happened to be at Cold Storage here in Singapore when I noticed that they were also selling gigantic strawberries, all looking deliciously red and ripe. But these being from California, they were much cheaper than those Japanese ones at only S$13.90 (US$9.25) for a box of eleven, or about S$1.25 (US$0.85) each.

I bought the long-stemmed variety, which I worried wouldn't be as sweet, given that they were probably intended for stuff like chocolate dipping or something. Fortunately that was untrue, as many of these were even more sweet than the Japanese ones from last night. But they were not as consistent as the Japanese strawberries, as some of the ones in the Californian box were not quite as sweet as the others, particularly as one got closer to the stem.

By and large though, they were still some of the better strawberries I've had, and at only half of the price of those Japanese ones. Granted, they were still pretty expensive at S$13.90 a box, but they were good enough that they were worth it.

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