Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cradle Brand Sweet Corn from Hokkaido

Hokkaido Corn

In another episode of expensive Japanese produce, here was a S$5.90 (US$4) cob of corn from Hokkaido. I didn't really see the point in this one though. While it was mildly sweet and larger than some of the local corn available here, it wasn't so good that I would pay a premium for it. I'm sure it'd be better if it were fresh and properly prepared rather than microwaved in that plastic vacuum-sealed packaging though.


Cate said...

Didn't see an email address on your site - just a note to let you know that you're a finalist in the Food Blog Awards on The Well Fed Network (

Aboobaker S. Omar said...

I was about to say what Cate said.

Congratulations, I put in a nomination for you.

Ravi said...

Hi. Can you please tell me the supplier or website of that corn. I've been looking for this everywhere!