Saturday, September 01, 2012

Dashi Master Marusaya Udon, Singapore

Niku Sukiyaki Udon

It didn't really occur to me until after I had eaten here yesterday that the Udon Factory at Lau Pa Sat had changed owners (18 Raffles Quay #01-31). Now it's apparently run by the Japanese dashi stock supplier itself, boasting about how their stock uses no MSG. I admittedly didn't care for the bowl that I had yesterday, but I wanted to come back tonight to try some others to really give the stock a chance to shine.

And I'm glad that I did. The stock, when served hot, really was very savory yet light - so much that I drank this down to the last drop, and even went back for another bowl. The second one was a kamatama udon whose yolk was buried inside, and yet nonetheless was one that I wolfed down quickly. The noodles were nowhere close to those thick chewy ones from Rakugama, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it enough that I would have nearly considered it a worthy competitor to Tsuru-Koshi, if it weren't for that bukkake from yesterday as well as the horrendous tempura here.

Indeed, the tempura, despite the ownership change, was still shockingly inexcusable: cold, limp, and thick. Something inside me still hopes that it is much better during the weekday lunch hour when they have high turnover. But the drawback of eating this stuff during the week is the heavy helping of spring onions that they throw on top for instant dragon breath (incidentally, I saw a sign that said that they will give you even more spring onions for free upon request!).

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