Monday, February 13, 2012

Udon Factory, Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

Oroshi Bukkake with Tempura

Ever since we hit up an outlet of Rakugama in Japan, I'd been hoping to find a similar setup here in Singapore: a fast assembly line where one orders noodles first before progressing to pick up sides of tempura and then paying. So I was pretty happy to come across a place that did exactly that, at stall number 32 of Lau Pa Sat, of all places.

Unfortunately, I didn't like it. The tempura was the biggest disappointment, the batter being off-puttingly thick. Maybe it would have been better had I gone during the busy lunch hour instead, when the high turnover would have forced it to be fresh from the fryer rather than having to gnaw on the cold pieces that I ended up with tonight.

But I didn't care that much for the noodles either. I mean, I suppose that it did the job, but it definitely wasn't the thick chewy stuff from Rakugama. I'm gonna have to stick to Tsuru-Koshi for udon then...and hit up either Ten or Teppei for tempura.

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03S17 said...

If you're in NYC and you miss the udon you can find at Rakaguma along with those tempura goodies, hit up Onya in Midtown East. I go there all the time when I make a NYC stop.