Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teppei Has Non-Tempura Too!

Maguro Zuke

Cool. I walked into Teppei today when I noticed that the guy was running a daily special. But rather than being his usual tempura, today's higawari was this maguro zuke. The cuts of fish weren't as thick as Meii Sushi across the street, but it was fresh, and you could still load up on lots of rice and countertop otsumami, making it a nice relief from all of the fried stuff that I've been eating otherwise there. A sneak peak at the dinner menu showed a wide variety of other things too, including kushikatsu, which is great considering that we would no longer have to break the bank at Si Bon.

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The littlest thing said...

went there for dinner today and decided on the omakase after eyeing some little clams that some guys next to us were eating(it was part of the omakase).

really bad decision. no idea if they offer different omakases or something (the waitress only gave me one price option) but there were no clams and the food was seriously bad as was the service.

kushiage is nothing compared to si bon. had to peel off the greasy thick fried layer which was dripping with oil! (and unfortunately this was consistent with the 4 pieces served)

i found that their mains (the non fried stuff) fared better. wont be paying them a visit anytime soon.