Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to Si Bon at Amara Sanctuary Resort

Shiitake Kushiage

Here was a shiitake mushroom from Si Bon. It was good (as was a separate ball of fried cream cheese with tomato paste on top), but for some reason, tonight's meal as a whole wasn't anywhere near as exciting as our first time here. Perhaps it was because a couple of the items came pre-soaked in ponzu sauce this time, thus defeating the point of that wonderful batter.

Well, this ten course kushikatsu meal was cheaper tonight at S$96 (US$70)...although that excluded the Japanese melon, which was an extra S$20 (US$15). It also looks like they've added a sushi bar, which we did not bother trying. Either way, the batter here is still so delicately fine and paper-thin that it's really unbeatable.


Monday Chimps said...

That mushroom looks so well prepared. Yummy!

Joke123 said...

Unfortunately they have closed. :(