Friday, August 01, 2014

Sandaime Mikoto at The Quayside, Singapore

Mentaiko Spaghetti

A little izakaya has opened up at the former location of Foodbar DaDa (60 Robertson Quay #01-12, 6235-5277) that I've been meaning to check out. Tonight, I had the chance to break away and indulge myself for a moment, so I came here to see if it was any good. The menu sure looked promising.

The meal started out on the right foot, with me getting a bit of their shiokara, or as their menu put it, something about raw squid mixed with its guts and sake. And it was deliciously salty and umami; anyone who enjoys eating a tin of anchovies would love this stuff...the taste is nearly the same, and went nicely with alcohol.

The rest of things that I got were edible too, including that mentaiko spaghetti above, some steamer thing that they seemed to take a lot of pride in, as well as some skewerless yakitori that came on a hot plate instead. Now, I probably won't get cravings for this place, but I'd come back to check out what is on their rotating list of specials in case there is anything that does blow me away.

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