Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Few Sights From Tsukiji Fish Market


Here's just a few quick pics from the Tsukiji Fish Market this morning, which apparently is slated to be moved in a couple years. Just one month ago, they closed the tuna auction process to most visitors, which made me glad that at least I caught it a few years ago (plus I didn't have to wake up so early this time), but of course still a bit sad that I didn't get to see that super-cool auctioning action again.

Sellin' fish

One other thing that struck me on this visit was the smell of carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke in the air instead of any fishy smell. (I'm sure it was there last time too, but I was probably too distraught by all the hustle and bustle to notice.) I guess that clearly shows how fresh the seafood is, at least.

Bonito Flakes

And of course, in the outer parts of the market were more of the finished-goods-type shops, including a couple bonito shops, a couple tamago shops, and even some stands outside on the street where many a local would line up for standing-room-only bowls of kitsune noodles and such.

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