Sunday, December 14, 2014

Moveable Feast at Moitozo Park in North San Jose

Moveable Feast at Moitozo Park in San Jose

Time for another Sunday lunch at Moveable Feast. This time, they were at Moitozo Park in North San Jose, which was a great location given the abundance of parking and wide open grass fields. Four trucks were here today...we skipped the hot dog stand and stuck to the other three: Fish Taco Wabo, Siam Loco Wraps, and MoGo BBQ.

Fish Taco Wabo

Fish Taco Wabo was the clear winner of them all. Finally did I find a fish taco around here that I much that we immediately went back to get more. It's not to say that the tofu taco from Siam Loco Wraps wasn't any good though. I liked its grilled mildly sweet taste, and they were much better than the ones at Papalote up in the City.

MoGo Sliders

The biggest disappointment had to have been this thing from Mogo, a Korean taco place. They were supposed to be sliders with bits of Spam in there if I read the menu correctly. But there was no Spam that I could find, and it was really more of an open faced sandwich rather than sliders. Sure, it still tasted good enough to finish, but I would have been happier eating nothing but those fish tacos instead.

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