Wednesday, September 03, 2014

WOLF Nose to Tail Dining in Singapore

Beef Tongue

A friend and I are huge fans of St. John in London. So when this place opened up last year, claiming to be inspired by St. John's nose to tail dining, we were naturally curious. And yet all of this time, we never heard any particularly strong comments about this place. We never heard anything bad about it, but we also never heard anyone say that they loved it either. Today, we came here for lunch to try to find out first-hand if it were worth coming to (18 Gemmill Lane, 6557-2224).

Interestingly, what we heard was spot on: we didn't find anything bad about it, but there wasn't anything that blew us away either. Sure, the ingredients were of high quality, the service was attentive, and the venue was beautiful. But St. John is much more humble than this place, both in terms of decor and the approach to food. I would have preferred everything that we ordered to be much more rustic; it was almost as if these guys were trying too hard to make it fancy.

Well, at least those tongues above were some of the most tender that I've ever had, especially considering how thickly they cut those things. And I liked the terrine that they brought out to us. But admittedly, none of it was particularly memorable enough that I'd be rushing back here. Strange - that's the second Privé offshoot that I haven't really liked, even though I like Privé itself.

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