Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roadhouse on Dempsey Hill, Singapore

Build Your Own Burger

I needed some food in the vicinity of Dempsey Hill this afternoon, and I settled on this place (13 Dempsey Road, 6476-2922) given that I hadn't been here before. And while I still had my doubts about finding a good burger place around here, this one was from the folks behind Privé on Keppel Island, a place that I've had consistently good meals at and presumably wouldn't botch this place up too much either.

That was, until I saw this thing come out. One look at how tall and stubby it was immediately got me worried. Surely enough, when I bit into it, the patty just didn't have the taste that I was looking for. Sure, it was wagyu, and I guess I shouldn't have expected any kind of American aging as a result. But I'm not getting that again. I wonder if the weekend brunches here are worth trying.

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