Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Clifford Pier at the Fullerton Bay Hotel

Kambing Soup

When I read about this place in the Sunday Times, I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I was sad that One on the Bund had departed; it was probably one of my favorite places in Singapore. On the other hand, the restaurant that went up in its place served kambing soup, one of my favorite local dishes next to bak kut teh and bak chor mee. I was so excited to see how they would do it here that I knew I had to come here for lunch this week (80 Collyer Quay, 6597-5266).

The interesting - and perhaps disappointing - thing was that the menu was a mix of things like burgers and local food like laksa and chicken rice, seemingly being nothing more than a typical ground floor restaurant of a local hotel by trying to appeal to the widest audience possible. But this was definitely much more upscale than most other hotels, as evidenced by the new airy decor and furniture, which surely didn't come cheap.

And yes, this decor was built into the price, with that kambing soup above coming in at S$15 (US$12), or at least three or four times more than what one would pay at a hawker center. Sure, the food was of high quality, but Brothpot Mutton is good enough for me in that department. I think the only time I'll come back here is for a business meal, particularly if someone has come in from out of town. And at that point, I might try one of their lobster rolls.

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