Sunday, January 12, 2014

Laksa Without Laksa Leaf is Wonderful!


I'd never been a huge fan of laksa in the past. The reason was because of that pungent green laksa leaf, which literally made my face clench up every time I tried it. And yet, a few months ago, I was at a party where a DIY laksa bar was set up, and these caterers were supposed to be well-known for making good laksa. Just as an experiment, I tried assembling a small bowl without any of that green leaf, and to my surprise, I absolutely loved it. It was spicy yet creamy from the coconut milk, and I even went back for at least a few more bowls. Man, had I been missing out!

So when I saw some stalls at Bukit Merah Central selling laksa this morning, I figured that I'd grab a bowl, asking them *not* to include any leaf in it. And yes, I liked it, with that rich and fishy coconut broth being one of the best parts of it. Indeed, I was about to go back for a second bowl until I realized that we had to leave. Well, I guess this cilantro-lover now better understands why some people just can't stand cilantro: laksa leaf (and Vietnamese fish mint) are presumably just as off-putting to me as cilantro is to them.

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ClearTear said...

a lot of things needs to eat a few times to like it haha, i use to dont like laksa leaf but grew to like it. I dont like cilantro but am trying to start to eat it. All these herbs suppose to have benefits :D enjoy ur laksa without laksa leaf for now.