Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brothpot Mutton Modern Soup Kambing

Modern Soup Kambing

Serendipity. That's what it was. I originally came to Amoy Street to try to catch an early lunch at Mamacitas, especially since the sign said that they opened as early as 8 AM. But when I arrived at 11 AM, they were still setting up shop. So I went upstairs to see if there were anything interesting up there instead, and I came across this guy (7 Maxwell Road #02-92), who had effectively just started business today. I had no idea what made his soup "modern," but I like kambing soup, and in the end, it was good that Mamacitas was closed or else I never would have found him.

Yes, I liked it, as it was super peppery, making me a fan instantly. He also used quality meat that was tender enough that one actually wanted to eat it, as opposed to those tough off-cuts that normal shops use just to flavor the soup. As for the "modern" part, he filled it with potatoes and pasta rather than providing bread on the side, and he garnished it with candied ikan bilis. The broth was thinner than usual, but not necessarily in a bad way. I gobbled it up quickly, and I'll easily go back.

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