Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice, Singapore

Crystal Chicken Feet and Chicken Porridge

I've never been that big of a fan of chicken feet, in part simply because there were too many little bones that you spent more time gnawing on it than actually eating. So it was interesting to see that these guys had actually taken the bones out already, thus leaving you with nothing but the convenient! They seasoned it rather simply, which was fine. I still couldn't help but wonder how good these might be if they were thrown onto an open fire though.

Anyway, we came here because quite a number of colleagues recommended this place (38 Commonwealth Avenue #01-02, 6471-0355), with some of them even taking out of town visitors here. And the chicken rice itself was one of the better ones, with firm and tasty grains of rice combined with a salty (in a good way) ginger sauce and spicy (and mildly sweet, again, in a good way) chili sauce. I usually prefer places that use a lot of sesame oil and cilantro instead, but these guys were still pretty good nonetheless. Repeat visits will be in order.

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