Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tony's Pizza on River Valley in Singapore


I'm a bit torn about this place (397 River Valley Road, 6777-4992). On one hand, I absolutely hate how overpriced it is at S$6.50 (US$5.15) for a slice of cheese pizza that hardly puts a dent in my stomach. And S$4.50 (US$3.50) for a glass of watered-down lemonade? Bah! Every time I come here, I tell myself that I'll never go back.

And yet, I've been back here at least two or three times, in part simply out of sheer convenience, but also since there really isn't anywhere else around here that one can get a New York-style pizza by the slice, complete with oregano and garlic powder at each table. Admittedly it does smell pretty good in there when you walk in. (Where is the parmesan shaker, BTW??)

Either way, I keep cringing each time the cashier tells me how much I owe them. Yes, I know that it's not fair to compare to prices in New York when we are halfway around the world, but it still irks me. Surprisingly, I've seen multiple people paying at least S$42 (US$33) for an 18" pie there...and lots of bike deliveries too. Maybe next time I'll stick to their buffalo wings instead.


Unknown said...

isn't there a place near the 6th Ave./Bukit Timah corner that sells by the slice?

bma said...

Did you mean Pizza da Donato? I'm not sure if they are still around anymore, are they?

Actually, there are plenty of places around selling pizza by the slice, but those are usually proper Italian pizza al taglio, not New York style pizza.

Dan Durkin said...

try Manhattan Pizza Co. in the wretched basement of Orchard Central. It's a proper slice...and it comes in under the Tony's price.