Sunday, March 02, 2008

La Pizzaiola, Holland Drive, Singapore

Prosciutto E Funghi Pizza

I'm grateful to whomever left the suggestion for this place the other day (43 Holland Drive #01-63, 6779-5502). Similar to Pizza da Donato, these guys sold rectangular slices of pizza that you picked from the glass display case. I was a bit amused to find that they later cut each of these already small pieces into even smaller bite sized ones before bringing it out to you, but either way, each of these little things was looking pretty good.

So I was a bit let down upon my first bite, since the taste of my mushroom and ham pizza was too modest for my liking. But this quickly changed with just a sprinkle of their burning hot chili pepper flakes, which were similar to Borgo's fiery mix. Given how small these slices were, I went for a second piece, this time going for the diavola, whose oozing red salami grease helped provide a bit more pickup. I was also fairly impressed with the crispy pastry-like crust, which is usually my least favorite part about pizza.

In the end, they seemed a bit timid in the flavor department, but I'll come back. Indeed, my mushroom soup seemed rather bland at first too, but after another spoonful or two, I came to realize that the mixture of all of its ingredients was rather sophisticated in the end. Well, for their pizza, I'll just make sure that I choose the right toppings and toss some of that chili pepper stuff on. One bonus was that they sold little bottles of the flakes for you to take home too.

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Anonymous said...

you should try the gourmet pizza with rocket leave and parma ham, its one of me and my fren's fav. Also try to mince chicken or beef. Lasagne is very good too.