Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Full of Crab on East Coast Road, Singapore


Another shellfish-in-a-bag place has opened up in Singapore (195 East Coast Road, 6348-8195), although interestingly, these guys intentionally tried to be as close to the Boiling Crab as possible. And they generally succeeded, with the right amount of butter in there to give it the punch that it needed. Granted, the shrimp could have been fresher and the mixture could have been spicier, but these guys are still in soft launch mode for another week, so hopefully some of these things will change next time I go back there. Yes, I'd rather come here than Crab in Da Bag or Cajun Kings.

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Unknown said...

Dear Travelling Hungryboy,

It was a pleasure having you join us at Full Of Crab! We thank you greatly for your comment and we have worked on improving our sauce and our seafood day by day. We look forward to seeing you soon and as usual we will not disappoint!

Best regards from
all of us @ Full Of Crab