Saturday, October 05, 2013

Crab in Da Bag at Big Splash in Singapore


When I first read about this place, my eyes rolled. It was yet another place trying to do Vietnamese-Cajun in a plastic if Fish & Co doing that wasn't a bad enough sign. At the same time, I was curious, as I'd never been completely satisfied with the Cajun Kings. Could these guys possibly be a bit closer to the Boiling Crab from back home? I wasn't getting my hopes up, but we came down here this afternoon to find out (902 East Coast Parkway Block D #01-25, 6440-0083).

It was a lot better than I thought it would be, mainly because they got the right amount of butter in there (my lips and hands still smell like the stuff!). Steamed rice was available for one to drench in the butter, and the "local" spices that they had in the hottest version of Caboodle Mix was just chili padi from what I could tell, giving it a nice amount of heat but still tasting like how it should. OK, the garlic was a bit excessive (and no, they didn't have that Vietnamese salt and pepper dip), but that didn't matter...I'd rather come here than the Cajun Kings.

Actually, there was one more interesting thing that was drawing us here: they had yabbies on the menu, which we were hoping could be somewhat of a proxy for crawfish from Louisiana. We never got to find out though, as they said that they sold out last night, and apparently their supplier from Malaysia only brings in a very small quantity every week or something. Well, I still got to suck out some of that head fat and butter mixture from those prawn heads, but maybe next time we'll call ahead to see what their supplier's delivery schedule is like.

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