Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fish & Co's Attempt at Viet-Cajun...Sorta

New Orleans Cajun Platter

When I first saw the ad for this "New Orleans Cajun Platter" at Fish & Co, I couldn't believe my eyes. See, they served it in a plastic bag (i.e., Vietnamese-Cajun style), and the only other place that I know of in Singapore that does Viet-Cajun is the Cajun Kings. So unless these guys got inspired by places in Texas and California, these guys were basically just doing a wholesale rip-off of the Cajun Kings. We immediately made plans to come down to one of their outlets this weekend just to see it first-hand.

The surprising thing was that it was better than I thought it would be. Granted, my expectations were so low that I wasn't expecting to eat more than two or three bites (I'm not a big fan of Fish & Co, in case you couldn't tell), so that isn't exactly saying much. But they didn't overwhelm the stuff with garlic like the Cajun Kings does, even if it wasn't very spicy here...nor did they include any Vietnamese lime/salt/pepper mix to go with it. I won't eat this again, but I was definitely amused.

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