Friday, December 13, 2013

Hank's Famous Cajun Crawfish in Houston

Spicy Crawfish

I had no idea what I was going to eat when my flight landed in Houston tonight. But when I was in midair, I tried looking up some of my notes from last time, and I came across a list of crawfish places. Google Maps told me that there was one not far from the airport in North Houston (156 Farm to Market 1960 Road East Suite J, 645-8286), so I came down here and got that pound of crawfish above.

It certainly was spicier than I was expecting - and I only requested the third level of spiciness out of five. I regret not asking them to put in garlic butter though, as this stuff was just way too salty. Indeed, I could barely suck out any of the brains, in part because I was just drinking the salty liquid. The other issue was that this stuff was out of season, and so they used frozen crawfish instead. That meant that some were dried out, and at the end of the day were a far cry from live ones.

Now, from what I could tell, this was not a Vietnamese place like many of its other competitors around Houston. They didn't have those lime/salt/pepper dipping cups, but they did use plastic bags. Curiously, they had "Vietnamese eggrolls" on the menu, as well as this Cajun fried rice below, which arrived complete with a packet of soy sauce as well as some Louisiana hot sauce. I suppose that this mashup was ultimately just a Houston thing.

Cajun Fried Rice

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