Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Belltown Pizza, Seattle, Washington

Combo Pizza

Wow - a post from Seattle that wasn't seafood? Yeah, I needed something to fill my belly after a number of drinks tonight, and I was told that this pizza place was open until 2 AM (2422 First Avenue, 206-441-2653). It was a bit hard to find at first as it looked more like a bar than a pizza place, but I got there.

And yes, the pizza was fine. The dough was thin and it came out piping hot too. But I don't think I'd make any huge effort to come here again unless it were for a post-drinking snack. Or at least, I'd try to come here during normal business hours since they seemed to have a much wider menu than just pizza by the slice.

Oh - and a quick warning: for the little shakers on each table with the label that says "garlic," be careful to read the entire thing as I assumed that it was like NY-style pizza with simple garlic powder. It turned out that it was garlic salt rather than pure garlic powder, hence explaining why my slice became so salty after I tried to dump a lot of it on.

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