Friday, August 26, 2011

BK Whopper Bar, Clarke Quay

Angry Whopper and Beer

I'd been wanting to come here for a while now (3B River Valley Road #01-06)...really just to try that Angry Whopper more than anything. Well, OK, and maybe the novelty of getting a Pulp Fiction-like glass of beer at a special Whopper Bar version of Burger King. We were in the area tonight, so I figured it'd be a quick meal to finally satiate the curiosity.

When I first heard about one of these Angry Whoppers (in Germany, of all places), I understood that it was supposed to be filled with jalapeƱos. So it surprised me when I got this to find that it had fresh local chili peppers instead, which turned out to be rather mild. And the Angry Sauce was more salty than it was spicy, thus not making this much more than a Whopper with chili peppers thrown in.

Well, given the Clarke Quay location, I'm sure that this place would be fitting as a post-drinking snack. I wonder if this thing evolved out of the Sichuan Mala Whopper or if that was a completely independent creation.

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