Friday, January 15, 2010

BK's Cheesy Spicy Bacon TenderCrisp

Cheesy Spicy Bacon TenderCrisp

Yes, I know I shouldn't be eating this kind of crap, but after a number of post-work beers today, my stomach was craving something blatantly unhealthy. And conveniently enough, Burger King was right around the corner. If it's any consolation, I've been eating salads non-stop for more than a week, so I don't feel totally guilty.

Besides, I've been thinking about this thing forever...ever since they'd been running those huge ads at bus stops with the big deep fried chili pepper. Even after realizing that they were actually selling a chicken sandwich rather than a deep fried chili pepper, I was still kinda curious about what this spicy crispy thing tasted like.

It ended up being pretty much what I expected: salty, greasy, spicy...and not exactly doing my cholesterol any good. But true to its name, it was both tender and crisp. Yes, physically I feel pretty lousy now. But my curiosity has been satiated, so now I'll never have to eat this again. (I still wonder what those Angry Whoppers taste like though.)


Anonymous said...

dont feel bad... I like BK. as a matter of fact, if on the road, I will usually look for one. But the other day, I stopped at Hardees. and no, did not get the monster thick burger with a side of bacon ( i never understood that, any way, when I want bacon, I want bacon, not beef, or for that matter chicken cordon blue...) and swiss and mushrooms, and a taco on the side, with langastino bites... but I caved, and now I am done for awhile... still... the new mickey d big mac burrito... about once a year, I will eat a big mac, though I know I will feel like I swollowed a cannon ball... still... but mostly at age 50, I try to eat healthy... watch my salt, sugar, etc... but if you have gone without for a few days, and not by choice, well, like the people of Hati, well they are burning bodies on pyres of old tires to prevent the spread of diease. Having been house bound for a week, myself, and in now way comparing our recent wake up call with theirs, here are a few things you need.
A raidio. and not that big boom box, a little am one.
batteries. now is ot the time to go looking for sme that might be in that remote from 5 years ago... Matches and candles, no not bic lighters. matches. bleach ( to clean water, refer back to the tire pyres) and if the sub sations go out... well you are kinda on your own. shit, I aint seen it thunder and lightning around here ike it did since '93. just saying, we forget too quick, and then get angry, about day 5. but what if the guys supposed to be working on getting you out, cant get there cause thy are in yhe same boat?. well, patientce... and you should have been prepared.... yeh, I know, I was a safty officer for 3 different companies... but I was not...

abraxis said...

Well, I think the Angry Whopper should be called the "Mildly Annoyed Whopper" because it's not THAT spicy. It's spicy for Americans but not spicy for the Little Red Dot.

Now if you want some BK along with beer, check out the Whopper Bar at Clarke Quay. Cool concept (that we'll NEVER get in the States, EVER)!