Friday, January 15, 2010

Mescluns, Circular Road, Singapore

My Salad

Despite all of the salad bars that have popped up lately, most of them never really put a smile on my face...until now. This place at 64 Circular Road (6221-8141, with another location at CityLink Mall) is now my favorite salad bar in Singapore. Thanks for the tip!

What made everything work was the ingredients that the others didn't have, whether it was avocado, sesame oil, or portobello mushrooms. It had all the right elements to allow me to create the taste I wanted, whereas at most of the other places, I had to struggle to get it right...and only barely at that.

But there is one huge deficiency here: they lack the wonderful assembly-line efficency of Juiced Rawbars, making it terribly painful to come here during the busy lunch hour. Well, that just means that I'll have to come during the off-peak periods then.


Anonymous said...

Hey should try the saladshop at oub

Jude said...

Yea, I tried the salad shop at oub too. It was pretty good

Unknown said...

Have you tried Cafe 26 mustard salad dressings from Perth, Australia. It is different type of salad dressing.

hungrybaby said...

still prefers mescluns. the dressings & vinaigrettes taste much better. tried salad shop, caesar was blend. salad stop offers variety but tasteless.

Safina said...

Mescluns just closed. Something to do with the landlord. Too bad. It was my fave as well.