Sunday, December 20, 2009

SaladStop!, Marina Square, Singapore


It seems like not that long ago when I was whining that there weren't many places in Singapore to get a salad. Now it seems like they are all over the place, with at least three or four new spots in the city that have opened in the past few months alone. None of them were particularly memorable, but I wanted to give this place at Marina Square a try (#02-06, 6720-8590).

The thing that made this place a bit different was the fact that they chopped their salads after having selected all of the ingredients. That process cut the leaves into even more bite-sized pieces, although it also oddly cut everything else up (like beans) into pieces that were smaller than I'd like. Well, the staff was engaging and it did the job in the end. Even though I still prefer the sheer speed of Juiced Rawbars, I'm glad to see so many salad places popping up - these guys in fact are planning another outlet at Raffles Place soon.

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Alex said...

Hello! Have you been to Mesculuns at Circular Road near Raffles Place? They are the best salad place I have found so far!