Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Japanese Mikan Mandarin Oranges

Unshu Mikan

Clearly it's mandarin orange season now, judging by the heaps of them on sale at supermarkets these days. And being spoiled by Japanese fruit lately, I won't settle for less than the unshu mikan variety, which are perfect in every way: they are juicy, seedless, and easy to peel. And these little things pack a tangy punch, unlike that sweet canned stuff.

More importantly, these are light years ahead of that tasteless and oftentimes dried out version that one usually gets during Lunar New Year. If people gave out oranges of this quality instead, I'd be fighting to keep them all for myself rather than giving them away. I love these things!


StsM said...

Hey! i bought one of those mikan oranges to try out after reading your post...but it was a little sourish for me. lol. I would prefer sweet-tasting mandarin oranges. Yums!
i would recommend those mini mandarin oranges on sale in Giant instead. They may look ugly but the insides are juicy and sweet~~ =D

nev said...

Looks like it's mikan season in Japan. I went through a mesh bag -thingy of the delicious stuff in 4 days, and I'm on my second bag now.

I'm really going to pay for all this bingeing. But I can't help it, I'm only here for 10 days!