Monday, March 11, 2013

Taqueria El Grullense M&G in Palo Alto

Caldo de Res

After getting off that long flight from the East Coast without any food, I needed a quick snack, and all of the local search apps seemed to point to these guys (3636 El Camino Real, 251-9317). It didn't look too encouraging at first, especially when signs boasted of a hamburger being a "new" item on the menu, as well as a "California Burrito" featuring French fries (ugh - really??). Nonetheless, they were one of the few places open late around here, so I went in.

Fortunately, despite those terrible sounding things above, they had Mexican soups available, which sounded like just the light thing that I needed to finish off the day. I was a bit shocked when they brought out this gigantic set of food, although I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Anyway, this caldo de res was piping hot and refreshing - just what I needed. I was able to finish about two-thirds of it, to my surprise.

Now, despite the name, this appears to be separate from the Mi Grullense taco truck up in Oakland, as well as the El Grullense Drive Thru down in San Jose. And there also seems to be a local chain of El Grullense Grills further up the Peninsula too. From what I found online, these might actually be loosely related to each other, even if they seem to be running their own shows. Is this another Tung Kee or Shalimar family drama? These things seem to happen a lot in the Bay Area, eh?

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