Friday, March 16, 2012

Tres Potrillos Taqueria in Sunnyvale

Birria Chivo

I wasn't expecting to get this here (670 North Fair Oaks Avenue, 735-8657), especially since menudo was something that they only serve on weekends. But when I looked at the list of specials today, goat soup was up there. And given what a great experience I had with it the other day, I had to get a bowl here too.

Unfortunately, I didn't like this one as much. Sure, the soup was tasty, the corn tortillas were piping hot, and the meat was tender enough to fall off the bone again. But it just didn't get me as excited as the other day, in part because of how darned huge the bowl was (i.e., it's not very good toward the end when it starts to get cold). They also didn't provide many condiments to dress this with either, even though the salsa bar here was pretty darned impressive with its chips, pickles and radishes. Also working against me was the fact that I was intentionally avoiding onions before getting on a long haul flight back to Asia, especially since United says that I didn't clear the upgrade list.

I'll still come back here, most likely as a pit stop on the way up to SFO again. The ceviche looked pretty good, and apparently they are known for doing some San Diego specialties like carne asada fries and a peculiarly named California burrito. But for the goat soup, I prefer Birrieria Jalisco, in part simply because the portion size is so much more reasonable.

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