Monday, December 26, 2005

Taqueria La Bamba, Mountain View

Clockwise from bottom: Carnitas Plate, extra tortillas, a pupusa, and orchata

When one goes to California, one has to get Mexican food...or, in this case, Mexican food with a Salvadorean slant. This is one of my favorite places (2058 Old Middlefield Way, 650-965-2755), and I always liked it better than their more famous neighbor La Costena (the Mexican grocery store with the burrito bar in the back that was patronized by famous Silicon Valley titans like Jerry Yang of Yahoo for its cheap $3 burritos despite the billions of dollars to his name) as I was never a big fan of burritos. But La Bamba has a killer carnitas plate that I fall prey to, with its crispy bits of tasty pork fat yet without being greasy. Yum.

A Salvadorean dish they offer here is the pupusa, which is kinda like a small cheese & pork stuffed tortilla. But unlike quesadillas, these are fused whole and served with some pickled veggies underneath, all for only $1 each.

My favorite condimentsI also love the fresh radish, lime, and jalapeno garnishes at your disposal too, as well as the orchata rice drink. Mmm...this sure beats what we can get back in Singapore.

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