Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shalimar Restaurant in Sunnyvale, California

From Front: Murgh Tikka Lahori and Seekh Kabab Mughlai

This place has been mentioned in a couple of comments, but admittedly I was never very motivated to go there given how there is plenty of good Indian food back in Singapore. Still, I was not far from their Sunnyvale location this morning and needed a lunch venue nearby, so I suggested that we come here for lunch to see what all of the fuss was about (1146 W El Camino Real, 530-0300).

I ordered two of the recommended items: the Lahori chicken as well as the beef seekh kebabs. The first one in the foreground was the best of them all, but I seem to remember Usman back in Singapore being spicier. The seekh kebabs, on the other hand, used too many kinds of spices for me, completely overwhelming the taste of the meat. I didn't like that one as much. More interesting was the brain masala on the menu, which I could not resist ordering out of sheer curiosity. Yep, it was lamb brains, but it was cooked into a curry that I could hardly taste it. I didn't care for the poofy oversized naan either.

This was not worth a 22 food rating on Zagat in my opinion. I wonder if my disappointing experience here was because I've been spoiled by better food in Asia. Either that, or I did not go to the Fremont or SF locations like the comments suggested. Indeed, this location is hosted on a different website with a different logo, but the menus were basically identical. Could this be like the TK Noodle feud?

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