Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Class out of SFO on SQ 15

Lobster Medallions

I think I've only flown First Class on SQ once or twice. Those were regional flights, and hence using the older seats. So I took advantage of this (very rare) paid Business Class itinerary to upgrade, especially since I had a full day of meetings waiting for me the next day. Note though that these were not those famous double-bed suites that SQ uses on the A380 - I don't think they even allow upgrades to those. The seat on this 777-300ER had no sliding screen doors, but it was still certainly very generously wide and long, and complete with a huge LCD screen. Interestingly, there were no overhead bins; I guess that there was enough room in the compartments under the screen that one could stow any carry-ons there.

In terms of food, it looks like my hypothesis about soup in First Class still stands. There were several varieties available, including Korean maeuntang, but my favorite was a spicy Mexican one done by Alfred Portale. It was so good that I could have easily had several bowls of that alone. Just for sheer novelty value, I also got some caviar to start, as well as something else that I didn't expect to see in that leather-bound menu: Krispy Kreme! (Haha - they definitely weren't as good as being straight from the fryer though!)

In light of all of that, the bulgogi that I pre-ordered turned out to be the least exciting of them all. Fortunately, it was better than that gyu-don on the way out, but I think I'm done with this Book the Cook stuff. Next time, I'll just order from the normal menu. It's strange that there weren't any Indian meals on the menu though; this was still an Air India code share.

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siagirl said...

SIA apparently left out the overhead bins in the 777-300ER to make the first class cabin appear more spacious; they have put them back on the refitted 777-300 series (non ER).

The refitted plane has a better cabin as there is space in front of row 1 and behind row 2, so one can walk around the cabin, which one can't do in the ER.

This is because the front galley is smaller on the refitted plane (I think there is no crew rest behind the cockpit in the refitted aircraft); also the ER has both toilets in front, the refitted aircraft has one in front (left)and one in the rear (right).

Finally, in the ER the first row of business is directly behind first, separated by a curtain; the refitted aircraft has a large galley in between.

I prefer the refitted aircraft, but am happy to be in either as redemption on the A380 are possible but requires absurd mileage.