Saturday, July 30, 2005

SQ Raffles Class Dinner - Alfred Portale (again)


Looks like Gotham Bar & Grill's Alfred Portale is the featured chef again on Singapore Airlines tonight. First off was "Maine lobster with olives and mesclun served with pesto-sundried tomato dressing," which looked pretty darned impressive with its whole lobster claw. But taste-wise, I wasn't a huge fan, partially because I am not a huge lobster fan, but also because the dressing was very bland.


The main course was a "Pan-fried Muscovy duck breast with jus, wild rice stew with shiitake mushroom, dried cranberry and walnut," which I also wasn't a huge fan of. I love duck, but I could hardly taste the duck in this (it tasted more like chicken). I also hate walnuts. I've realized that chichi food like this is always interesting as the chef is trying to show off at how he can use a variety of unconventional ingredients in a creative manner (and respectfully so), but this more often than not also creates a taste that could be better done with traditional ingredients (like Thomas Keller's "World's Greatest Sandwich" featuring simply bacon, eggs, and cheese - but prepared in a different manner). I haven't been too impressed with Mr. Portale's food on this trip, admittedly. I probably won't go out of my way to hit the Gotham Bar & Grill in NY then, although hopefully the food on the ground there is better than it is here in mid-air.


Finally, this has nothing to do with food, but I found it interesting to see this map on the in-flight display screen since it's not a perspective of the world that one commonly sees. The view out of the window was even more interesting as one could see the cracks and textures in the North Pole ocean ice 35,000 feet below.



Kng Suan said...

You're very lucky because EWR-SIN doesn't normally go by the polar route even though it's the shortest. THis is due to a lack of airports should there be a need for an emergency landing.

Lucky you for flying all over! :)

Kathy said...

I've seen, on my way from London to Bangkok years ago, three large rings of fire on the ground, in the middle of the dark night. I've no idea what that was, and I didn't have a camera on hand.

They were three concentric rings side by side. And they were really large, we took at least 10 mins to fly over them and they were cleary visible from above. There was no smoke... at least I couldn't see it from where I was.

Up till today I wonder what those were. It wasn't clear whether it was the sea or the ground as it was a pitch dark night.

We could have been flying over Russia or Caspian Sea, or Central Asia.