Monday, October 29, 2012

My First Run on an A380

Low-Salt Meal

In all of these years that the A380 has been out, I had never flown it, largely since my long haul flights are usually with United instead. But on today's quick hop to Hong Kong, SQ surprisingly used one of these "superjumbos," as the captain called it on the PA system. I was kinda curious to see what it would be like, and in fact, even got a window seat just to see if things like the window size were different.

Yes, it was bigger (at least, the inner pane was), even if it still used those traditional pull-down shades instead of those hi-tech ones that I've been reading about. More notably, the plane was surprisingly quiet during takeoff. But otherwise, the rest of the cabin wasn't that much different, with the same SQ seats and overhead bins. And SQ had some interesting faucets in the lavatories, but the water wasn't flowing. Oh well.

And oh yeah, that meal above tasted as bland as it looked. Granted, I did special order the low-salt meal, so I had no one to blame but myself. I might order it again merely for the sake of being healthy, but I couldn't help but smell the Indian meals from passengers around me and start salivating.

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