Saturday, July 07, 2007

An Unintentional Stop at Krispy Kreme

From front: Original Glazed and Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled

I didn't mean to make Krispy Kreme my first stop in the US (honest!). I just wanted to pull off the road to grab something to drink. But since they were right in front of me with the neon "hot light" on, I figured that I might as well grab a doughnut.

Mmm...doughnuts!OK...maybe that was two. But I haven't been in any mood to wait in that ridiculous line at the local doughnut shop in the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre back in Singapore, so I guess I can half-justify ingesting these excessively sweet little things.

Besides, I got to check out Google's free municipal Wi-Fi service here in Mountain View, which was used to upload this post. It was a refreshingly easy registration process, by the way, with literally only one button to click and no forms to fill, assuming that you already have a Google account and are logged in.

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