Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Southwest Airlines From SNA to SFO

Southwest's In-Flight Map

This was a browser screenshot as I poked around Southwest's new in-flight Wi-Fi service. Just as with that Virgin America flight, I didn't see much point in paying for the service when the flight was only one hour. But what was interesting to me was that they put their live in-flight map on the service, which makes sense considering that there are no screens on Southwest's 737's.

I think this was also my first time experiencing John Wayne's noise abatement policy where planes taking off have to rev up on the ground before releasing the brakes, Vin Diesel style. What fun!

And it turns out that I was wrong about the reason for the delay into SFO. It was not because of fog, but because of air traffic congestion. We were told that it was largely due to United's hub-and-spoke model there clogging things up for everyone. Note to self: next time I need to fly into SFO in the morning on a short domestic flight that's not on United, try flying into Oakland and taking BART into the city instead.

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