Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Return Flight on Virgin America

Hippie Chips and Tea

No, this wasn't meant to be a political statement or anything like that. Obama just happened to be giving a nationally televised speech right when the Virgin people delivered my chips, that's all.

Anyway, I kinda liked those Hippie Chips that I bought, even if for a whopping $3. The Haight-Ashbury Jalapeno flavor gave enough flavor while the baked potato chips kept it somewhat guilt-free.

And I still love Virgin America. Even though the flight was full, one could hardly be bothered by it, even in economy class. Time just flew right by in those leather seats. It looks like they did have a beverage cart though, contrary to what I mentioned last time.

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Anonymous said...

holey smoke. 3 bucks for a bag of chips? Rather pay 3 more and get a gin and tonic, and eat the crackers or peanuts I smuggled aboard. Still, thanks for the review of VA. I plan on traveling to europe, and never even considered them before. sounds good, if I can get an asile seat ( long legs. 6'3.) sounds like taking the hound( greyhound)- Bring a good book, and hope you have a good seatmate, adjust your attitude. about 2/3 's of the worlds population will never get the chance to fly at all. I can eat on the ground.