Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sodium Overload at Yang Gui Fei

Clockwise from bottom: La Zhi Roujiamou, Hot and Sour Noodles, and String Beans

This wasn't a planned visit. We were just walking down the street and had completely forgotten that we had been here two years ago, mistakenly thinking that this was a new restaurant instead. But even after I realized that we had been here, I forgot to heed my own advice to ask them to cut back on the salt.

And unfortunately that meant that the bowl of spicy sour noodles in the upper right corner came out so salty that we couldn't finish it. Even if they had cut the amount of salt in half, I questioned whether or not we could eat it. But of course, that's how this stuff is done in China, so if anything, it just spoke to its authenticity.

Perhaps the more interesting thing this time was their so-called Chinese hamburger, or roujiamou. It was certainly unique (and yes, a bit salty). And the Shaanxi cold noodles that we kicked the meal off with was better than I recall it being last time. But the string beans still couldn't compare in my opinion to Hometown across the street.

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