Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shaanxi Cold Noodles from Geylang

Shaanxi Liang Pi

Hey that was pretty darned good (thanks for the tip!). This shop right at the end of Lorong 13 where it meets Sims Avenue (27 Lorong 13 Geylang, 9682-4531) specializes in these cold flat rice noodles from the Shaanxi province of China. I've never been to Shaanxi before so I have no idea if this was authentic or not, but it sure was tasty.

For just S$3 (US$2), one gets this mouth-watering little bowl of spicy and sour noodles that just hits the spot. It was similar to the cold noodles from Hometown except that it featured rice noodles and included little bits of frozen tofu as well as cucumber and bean sprouts. For me, it could easily be summed up in just two words: refreshingly appetizing. Just don't wear a white T-shirt here as you're bound to get splatter from all of the red chili oil.


Kathy said...

We have pretty similar taste buds huh? Glad you liked it. Try the sides, they are pretty good, if bland. I love their homemade kimchi and kelp strips.

You don't have to get a plate of each, they allow mix and match.

Kathy said...

I thought it was tofu too till the cooks said it was gluten. Adding more chilli (help yourself from the counter) rocks! I think the chilli is homemade too.

Their side dishes are a little hit and miss. Some are nice (like tomato & fried eggs), some are weird. Do give it a try. You may like the mala soup with mung bean strips. It's not as good as Xiao Ping's version, but it has its own charm.

bma said...

I didn't like the mala soup at all. But I did like the sides: not just the kelp, but also the tofu skin and potato strings (they weren't bland at all - they were just right). I'll try the kimchi next time, as well as what looked like mapo doufu from a distance.

Kathy said...

The mala soup can taste very different depending on who cooks it. I once shared a table with some chinese who groused about the totally different amount of ingredients used!

Yup I liked the potato strings too, they aren't bland, I liked the fact that you can taste the natural sweetness of the potato without the powdery russet burbank feel. I can't find it just anywhere here but it's everywhere in China!

The groundnuts were quite hard though. The kimchi is very "fresh", I don't think they are given much time to ferment.

I like their stir fried dishes from the main menu, but I find myself going back to the cold noodles each time! It's pretty addictive.

There's a place serving Shandong food (blue signboard) just across the street, they serve thosai-like Jian Bing, which is very authentic (concept wise, not sure about taste). I've not eaten it yet, but Shandong people have said that that's a type of their native food which is unique. I wonder if it tastes good.

The food isn't too bad (again dependent on chef's temperament), La Zi Ji (which I like) can be with lots of sauce one day, and dried another.

I like their cold dishes though. Stay away from the shui zhu dishes, they can't do the red oil part for nuts! Ha. This is their weakest branch though, they can't recommend stuff even if you've asked.

Kathy said...

By the way a disclaimer - I normally don't randomly add sauces to my food, (as a matter of fact, I hate to disrepect the cook), but my tastebuds were recently skewed by Ba Yu and its sister Sichuan joints. Ha.

Would you like to try organic vegetarian food? There's a really fantastic place at the fourth level of Fortune Centre, it's normally closed on Mondays. It'll change your mind about healthy eating, it's not all just Lei Cha etc.

You can taste the natural sweetness of vegetables in every bite.

Do stay away from the herbal claypot soba soup. I think you'd hate that, given the herbs and cooked carrot. You might miss out on the organic corn though, so see if you could ask for some side order of just the corn. The ears of corn are irregular (being organic) and it's naturally sweet.

No matter what BBQ or deep fried corn you eat after that, nothing will ever be the same again.

Love the soba salad and "sushi roll" there.

Shanghai Bunny said...

I've seen street vendors in Shanghai selling Shangdong noodles looking very similar to this. I have not tried them yet because of hygiene issues. Restaurants don't serve dishes such as this one here as they are considered cheap eats. :-(

Wide Load said...

Still SGD 3.00 and still tasty as hell. I didn't like the kimchi all that much though.

That organic vegetarian place at Fortune Centre, 4/F is great. I try to hit it whenever I'm in that area.