Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hometown's Signature Boiled Fish

Gù xiāng zhāo pai shuǐ zhǔ fèi téng yú

I couldn't quite figure this one out. This was basically just Sichuan water-cooked fish, but it was S$36 (US$24) and listed on a completely different page from the cheaper, standard version. I expected it to be another dish altogether, but it looked like some premium version with higher quality ingredients or something. It was apparently Hometown's signature dish.

It definitely was one of the better ones that we've tasted, with fresh fish and a huge dose of tongue-numbing peppercorns. In fact, it arrived completely covered in dried chili peppers (the photo above was after the lady scooped most of them away). I liked the fragrance of it all, but one of these days someone is going to have to explain to me what the difference was with the standard version that they offer.


Kathy said...

How does this compare with Ba Yu's? Or for that matter, of the normal one you would be served at the same joint?

I hope you didn't get the marked up price, Mapo Tofu has two menus, the food isn't that great there, but do make sure you get the "promotional" menu for appetizer portions when you go there.

Ba Yu has only one menu.

Nona Lim said...

I am a Singaporean in California (SF), and it is wonderful to see all your photos... gosh... I don't even think I have been to many of the places you highlighted since things change so rapidly in Singapore.. but I will definitely try some of the restaurants out the next time I am back.