Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yang Gui Fei, Smith Street

Lamb Skewers

We didn't intend to come to a place like this tonight. But I was walking into Chinatown when I noticed this restaurant specializing in food from Xian (18 Smith Street, 6100-0629). Wait a minute...isn't Xian the capital of Shaanxi? Yep. How ironic it was then to discover this after not being able to find what we were looking for at Duo Le the other night.

Most of the items we ordered turned out to be very salty, although I suppose that one should expect that when eating this stuff. That aside, the food was pleasantly spicy and tasty, be it the cold noodles or skewers pictured above. They also had this wide noodle dish that was served tsukemen-style, as the plain noodles came with a spicy dipping sauce on the side that allowed one to control his sodium intake a bit.

While the high salt levels won't bring me back here right away (I'll stick to the shop in Geylang, whose thinner noodles were more agreeable to me anyway), it was good to find another late night shop open until midnight. They still had a number of other spicy noodle dishes that looked worthy of a try too. Maybe next time we can ask them to go easy on the salt.

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