Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Philippines' Tapa King in Singapore

Tapa King Tapsilog

Lau Pa Sat is increasingly filled with lots of Filipino shops, eh? This one a big chain from the Philippines, with its first overseas location in Singapore. Not to be confused with Spanish tapas, Filipino tapa is a form of cured meat that is often served with garlic fried rice and an egg. I was a bit hesitant about this, thinking that the meat would be annoyingly sweet, but it wasn't at all. It was mildly savory and much more moist and tender than I had imagined it to be, allowing me to wolf this thing down in the blink of an eye...and in fact go back for seconds.

Crispy Liempo

But the second time around, I got this crispy liempo instead, which was basically a piece of grilled pork belly, and with literally half of it being pure fat. It was delicious; just like that backfat chicharon stuff, it wasn't the best thing for your body, but it was insidiously tasty. There was plenty of vinegar and sour soup at hand to cut through the fat if you needed it. I'm definitely going to have to work this one off though (and properly purge my system with some greens), especially given the biryani that I just had yesterday too.


Anonymous said...

The food looks good, but you didn't mention the presentation. Do you often eat food off a sheet of paper? What's that all about?

caninecologne said...

that liempo looks so damn good! i was also wondering about the lack of a plate. is that standard for tapa king?

my parents used to make their own tapa and chicharon when i was a kid - they stopped doing all that since it's pretty unhealthy. now it's easier to go out and buy some but in the 70's there were no stores to buy this stuff readymade.

i really enjoy your blog by the way!

shino tsuchi said...

they use paper to do their part in minimizing non-biodegradable trash. it's not their standard, their just being practical. back in the old days in the philippines they use styro-foam plates. not sure what they use now. presentation is what you see in these pics. i recommend you try all varieties. if you fancy the fiery end, then the tapa king is for you. it's not that hot, but will make beginners' head itch and face to work out a sweat for a while. agree with it being insidiously tasty/great, that's why i make it a point to have this guilty pleasure twice a year! another joint to try out is Mang Kiko's (Mister Kiko's [Kiko is nickname for Francisco]), equally sinful!