Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mang Kiko's Lechon, Singapore

Lechon Liempo

Last Friday, I randomly ran into my Pilipina colleague at the Kopitiam at *SCAPE Youth Park. She immediately pointed me toward this stall (113 Somerset Road, 9743-6545), as they had just launched this new late night version of their original stall at Lau Pa Sat. And as the name suggests, they specialize in lechón. I had already eaten by the time I got there, but I made sure that I came back another day to give it a try. Tonight after a long day at the office, I finally did.

I grabbed the pork belly, which they were impressively generous with as they pulled a slab of pork off the grill and started cutting it up in front of me. The skin of this pork was surprisingly thick - to the point where it made it a bit difficult to eat quickly - but of course it still came with all of that lovely porky taste. I enjoyed that sour peppery soup that they gave on the side too, as it helped to cut through all of the grease. I'm definitely coming back to try some of the other menu items here.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Just want to point that Pilipina should be spelt as Filipino / Filipina instead.

Camille said...

LOL, English has no gender for nationality. Filipina does not exist. It should be just Filipino.

However, I see that the hungryboy is poking fun at the Filipino accent. I don't understand why Filipinos pronounce their Fs as Ps and vice versa.

J.O. said...

Camille, in this case, Filipino/Filipina is not English but Spanish; hence this noun has a masculine/feminine version.