Friday, June 27, 2008

Filipino Pork with Vinegar on SQ

Filipino style grilled pork with vinegar dip, vegetables, and steamed rice

Speaking of vinegar, look at what popped up on SQ's cattle class menu tonight: Filipino grilled pork with vinegar dip! And boy, did these pieces of pork need the least a quarter of each piece of pork was just solid fat. Once dipped in the vinegar though, it went down nicely, so much that I even poured the remaining vinegar over the remaining rice because I enjoyed the sour taste so much. Now I'm actually starting to crave more vinegar-paired food. Who'd have known, especially after that initial reaction to chicken adobo?


ClearTear said...

are u pregnant? hehe, thats what happen to woman who are pregnant, they love sour stuff.

Well so sour stuff do turn on the appetite, regardless man or woman.

Pete said...

Nice to know that SQ tries hard to cater to the specific local tastes of their passengers. Sure beats the boring sandwiches you get on some airlines!

Anonymous said...

:) i've been reading your blog for ages now... it's cool to see you finally tasting some of the dishes that i know and like to cook.

Hmm.. since you were brave enough to try the balut.. maybe you'd like to try dinuguan?