Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Breakfast in the Philippines

Clockwise from bottom left: longganiza, sinangag, pork tocino, and eggs

Here was my local breakfast this morning: a fixing of chorizo-like sausages and garlic fried rice, among others. The sausages, however, were sweet, as was the slice of pork tocino in the back. I suppose that it was a bit similar to some caramelized char siew, but I'm not a huge fan of sweet things, so this isn't exactly anything that I'll start craving again. Beware of the dragon breath resulting from the garlic fried rice so early in the morning too.


Pete said...

I'm totally with you on this one. Those longganisa sausages & tocino are so cloyingly sweet and so heavy (for an early morning repast), I've developed a phobia for such Filipino breakfasts.

j. said...

There are actually different kinds of longganisa in the Philippines - some are more sour and garlicky, which you might like more than the sweet ones.

Anonymous said...

There's another variety of longganiza that has a more peppery and garlicky taste and not caramelized at all. Or if you don't like sweet things for breakfast you could opt for the Tapsilog short for Tapa, Singangag (Fried Rice) and Itlog (Egg) rather than the one you had which is Longsilog.