Monday, June 11, 2007

Portobelle Cafe & Restaurant, Killiney Road

Diavola PizzaThis place (128 Killiney Road, 6737-7127) across from Rialto came recommended by a friend who agreed that the pizza at Casa Roma was too soggy and simply inadequate. Portobelle, however, was a bit of an odd mix, featuring that ever-so-vague "Mediterranean cuisine" but then confusing things even more by featuring Mexican food too. (How many times have you seen moussaka listed in a menu right after a burrito??)

I shied away from the Mexican food, but went for the pizza that my friend suggested. My diavola variety came out piping hot and fared surprisingly well with its salami, chili peppers, and generous volumes of tasty cheese. I couldn't quite figure out the crust though, which was thin like I prefer, but seemed largely unrisen or something.

Well, to a non-bread eater like me, it really didn't make much of a difference. It tasted good and came out hot from the oven, so it was indeed generally enjoyable. I still hesitate about ordering from the "Latin American" side of the menu, as the same friend of mine gave me a horror story about the jalapeno poppers here. But I'd come back for the pizza, assuming that there was enough space in this little dimly lit place (only four tables sandwiched between its stucco walls, but hey - it sure gave it character).


jill said...

on indian food: have you ever tried samy's on dempsey road? it's set in a nice ole british-era clubhouse.. and they serve up the BEST indian food. authentic indian experience and everything... the jolly indian men come around with curries and briyani rice to serve you. the prices are great too, we had a curryfishhead, chicken, three pieces of naan, mutton, mystery meat, squid, loads of juice (necessary for the spicy food!) for only 80$. and if you are lucky you may catch Samy himself at samy's. he is quite an institution. there's a branch at katong village, though that's closer to my place i prefer the good ole dempsey road branch. be sure to check it out.


Lav said...

don't know if you've tried but do take a look at Botak Jones. check out the for locations.