Saturday, February 25, 2006

Eau La La (second chance)

Lamb Kebabs

I decide to give Eau La La a second chance today by going for those kebabs, which apparently they billed as Turkish. I've never been to Turkey before, but at least from what I've had from Berlin's big Turkish population, this sure wasn't what I was expecting. Instead of being grilled simply on a fire, they did it Esmirada-style with a flamboyant hanging rack. And unfortunately, it was covered in some sauce that just covered up the taste of the meat. Esmirada's simple salt taste and choice of ingredients is my preference.

Paella Valencia

I was also craving a bit of rice, so I went ahead and got the paella too, hoping that things would finally improve. Alas, disappointment set in again: the rice - while flavorful and bursting with saffron - was too soggy. To make things worse, they actually used what appeared to be hot dogs instead of chorizo in here (geez!). I guess I'm not surprised why there were scant a customer to be seen (whereas a line was forming in front of neighboring Miharu just before their 6:30 PM opening).

So my opinion is unchanged even after this second try: while the food wasn't as bad as it could have been, it is not something that I'll come back for. What a bummer for someone who loves Cantina so much.


Docile said...

you eat out everyday? ^_^

Terence Ong said...

You went to the same restaurant twice in one day??

bma said...

No, the first time was last night.