Friday, August 12, 2005

Cantina (again!)


Last night's meal at Cantina was so good that I was craving this all day and even went back again tonight. To help keep the variety going, this time we got the penne matriciana (onions, bacon, and chili in tomato sauce), which was surprisingly spicy (and in a good way). The cold melanzane eggplant was respectable: thin slices drenched in oil and spices (even if it looks horrible in the picture here).

The fusilli pesto also looked good at a neighboring table last night, so we got that too. This was not as much of a shocker - it tasted like a basic pesto. Not bad, but it did get tiring after a while.

Finally, the limone ripieno sorbet was very very tasty - smack full of a fresh lemon taste. Yum. The only gripe for tonight was that they still have the same annoying elevator music playing in the background - I really hope they change that before my next visit.

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